We are a small business too, and we understand the challenges that every business owner faces.


You have too many other demands on you to have to worry about whether your software is a good fit for your company. This is where we come in.


Whether it is a standard, off the shelf package you are after, or you need something written especially for your own unique needs, you have come to the right place.


We understand intimately what a business needs to run - practically and legally. We also understand the human aspect of software - that is, we know that everyone is not a "geek", and therefore software has to be friendly to use and intuitive to understand.



Plain English, not Technospeak. We promise not to confuse you with industry jargon and technical terms. If you can't talk clearly with us, then we are not doing our job right.


Plenty of "Real World" Experience. With over 20 years of helping small businesses under our belt, I bet we have helped someone else solve similar problems that you are now experiencing. Ask us!


Local Business. Solid Reputation. We are a locally based business here in Northern Australia, and you don't get to survive this long in this sort of industry unless you do the right thing by people.


November 2011
Completed design of onine Student Management Portal for Karen Sheldon Training. Site is now live and working!


December 2011
Completing the design of a sophisticated web based ordering for a nationwide pharmaceutical company, which can handle the complex permits and regulatory requirements of that industry.


December 2011
Completing the final touches on a web based GL reporting tool that is linked to Triumph Accounts.


January 2012
The 'Healing Pathways' online case management database we designed for Katherine Regional Health is nearing launch time.